Arnold Schwarzenegger With Best DVD Commentary Ever

November 21, 2011 By Mike B

In DVD/Blu-Ray commentaries, actors, directors, screenwriters, and others involved in the film usually provide depth or interesting background stories to go along with whatever scene is playing. For example, behind-the-scenes stories, continuity mistakes or character motivation may be provided by actors or directors that decide to do the commentary. If you happened to purchase Total Recall and turned on the commentary track with Arnold Schwarzenegger then you already know that you have listened to the best DVD/Blu-Ray commentary you will ever listen to.

This is hands-down worth every penny you have spent on any movie ever because of Schwarzenegger’s golden commentary that can be more entertaining than the movie itself. Total Recall is a fantastic Sci-Fi Action flick, and even if you’ve watched it a hundred times before, you’ve never watched it with Arnold walking you through it.

You see, Schwarzenegger’s commentary is pretty much literally describing everything that’s happening on the screen. On top of that, he’s amazed by it! Check out some of these descriptive lines from the big guy:

“Hello this is me Arnold Schwarzenegger, and this is me on the screen here riding towards the camera.”

“It was a great scene because she is trying so hard for me not to see the news.”

“Here, this is my job, I am a construction worker.”

Hi, this is me typing an article on actor and former Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and now I’m going to insert a link below so you can watch highlights from his DVD commentary of Total Recall. Here I go!

Schwarzenegger’s Total Recall DVD Commentary. Proceed with caution. 

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