Theater Deals

Movie theater ticket prices have been getting more and more expensive every year. Throw in the IMAX ticket prices, RealD 3-D ticket prices,and IMAX 3-d ticket prices, and trips to the movie theaters could really suck the life out of your wallet. Here are some deals to soften the blow of ticket prices. If you know of any other deals, please submit them to

Edwards Cinemas Economy Tickets:

You can purchase a ticket for $6 if you watch a film before 12pm, and this deal works everyday. Please check to see if your Edwards Cinemas theater is participating in this deal. These “economy” tickets can also be purchased on

AAA Automotive Club:

If you’re a AAA member, you can get movie tickets for as low as $6/ticket at Edwards, Regal and United Artists Theatres. For the various deals, check out the AAA Automotive Club website and enter your zip code.

Costco Deals:

Regal Entertainment Group Premiere Super Saver Package: 4 movie tickets–no expiration– for $32.99 (that’s $8.24 a ticket)

AMC Movie Bundle
: 2 movie tickets, 2 small drink vouchers, and 1 small popcorn voucher for $29.99

Cinemark Theaters Platinum Super Saver
: 4 pack of tickets–no expiration–for $34.99.




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