Avengers Super Bowl Trailer Sneak Peek

February 01, 2012 By Mike B

The Avengers will have a brand spankin’ new trailer for the Super Bowl, and a 10-15 second teaser is out for nerds to nibble on. These 10 second spots are a truly unnecessary tease, but they do work sometimes (all the time). Let’s face it, whatever the studio throws out there about the Avengers will just heighten the anticipation, even if it’s only a little, as if there’s not enough anticipation already.

There’s explosions, a few quick shots of the heroes, and a little glimpse of Eric Bana hulked out. Seriously, these things are like trailers for trailers.  I’m sure viewers can almost hear Xzibit say  the whole “Yo dawg, I heard you liked (movie trailers)” schtick. The Ferris Bueller Honda teaser was, initially, quite exciting to watch. However, the whole commercial was pretty painful. At least this is a teaser for an actual film, and not a Honda CRV.

Here’s the only semi-interesting thing about the teaser for the trailer:





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