Bob Anderson Passes Away at 89

January 02, 2012 By Mike B

Who’s Bob Anderson? That’s probably what you’re asking yourself right now, and I don’t blame you. Chances are you know his work, but never knew who he was. Bob Anderson is a sword master who choreographed some of the best sword fights in cinema history. He even participated in some of them; Anderson performed Darth Vader’s light saber stunts in Star Wars.

From Princess Bride, the original Star Wars trilogy, the Mask of Zorro,the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, Anderson was the man behind the blade in some legendary cinematic sword fights. Anderson trained with Errol Flynn and taught actors how to fight utilizing various sword techniques. He pretty much had one of the coolest job titles in film history. Now we know the face to match with the talent that’s been on display for some time now.

R.I.P Bob Anderson.

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