Expendables 2 Poster

November 19, 2011 By Mike B


Ladies and gentlemen, the poster for the Expendables 2.  The poster is showing off the testosterone level of the film, and it certainly has many excited. Hopefully, this time, they actually have good, clear action scenes and a story that’s at least a little interesting.

What I noticed from the poster?

  • Everyone besides Arnold Schwarzneggar, Sly Stallone and Bruce Willis are either floating or are on stilts (Chuck Norris gets a pass because gravity doesn’t affect him).
  • The title has X-Men 2 font.
  • Jean Claude Van Damme is mentioned with an “also” credit.
  • Schwarzeneggar and Willis are wielding weapons, so maybe they’ll do more than just say crappy one-liners.
  • That’s not Jet Li in the middle, that’s a chick that looks like Jet Li
  • The Hemsworth at the top isn’t for Chris Hemsworth (Thor), but for his brother, Liam Hemsworth.


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