Jackie Brown Prequel With John Hawkes and Mos Def

February 02, 2012 By Mike B

Quentin Tarantino’s most underrated film, Jackie Brown, is getting a prequel. Jackie Brown was based on Elmore Leonard’s novel Rum Punch, and this upcoming sequel will be based off of a novel called the Switch that winds the clock back 15 years to where Ordell and Louis first teamed up.

Samuel L. Jackson, who played Ordell, and Robert DeNiro, who played Louis, will not be back obviously due to age, unless of course CGI comes into the picture (which would be horrible, but not far-fetched). Filling in the shoes for Ordell will be Mos Def, and John Hawkes will be stepping into the role of Louis. Both actors are very capable of turning in worthy performances.

The Switch has Ordell and Louis kidnapping a wife of a real estate broker; however, the broker refuses to pay for her release, and the criminal adventure kicks off. It was reported by Variety that Dan Schecter wrote a script without Leonard’s permission, but Leonard dug the script so much he decided to produce it. Quentin Tarantino is nowhere to be found in the involvement of the film.

Finally, we get to see just how “beautiful” Louis’s ass used to be.

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