Jeremy Renner Nearly Gets Head Cut Off in Thai Bar Fight

January 06, 2012 By Mike B

Jeremy Runner, who is currently in the Phillippines shooting the Bourne Legacy, took a trip to Phuket, Thailand. I have a feeling the name of the place mirrors the relaxation level. During the little vacation Renner took, his guide was chopped in the throat with a homemade axe.

In the Phuket Gazette, it is explained that Renner was in the Rahchada Pub with five other people, and a confrontation followed after his guide dropped a glass on the floor. From there, six guys jumped on the guide with “a variety of clubs and cutting instruments, including a home-ade axe fashioned from a motorcycle brake rotor.”

Here’s what a spokeswoman for Renner had to say:

“Jeremy Renner was indeed in a bar in Phuket Thailand as a vicious attack on a patron took place but was not injured or involved. He exited as the fight took place,” Renner’s publicist said in a statement.

For those of you out there that think Renner is a girly-man for running away, I wonder what any regular Joe would do if six guys showed up with “clubs and cutting instruments.” I guess he could’ve fought them off with his Hollywood star power or took them on one by one with his Bourne Legacy fight choreography.

Reminder: do NOT party foul in Thailand, it may cost you your life.


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