Jurassic Park Fan Art: The JP Show

December 09, 2011 By Mike B

There was a Jurassic Park fan art called the JP (Just People) show at the Nucleus in Los Angeles last weekend, curated by Brandon Bird and Julia Vickerman. The exhibit was dedicated to “what people love and remember most about the Jurassic Park film series: the human characters.”

The truth is, a lot of us didn’t care for too much about the human characters, because the dinosaurs are what it’s all about! The T-rex was my hero, and the velociraptors were tons of awesomeness with claws. Looking through the pieces for the first time, they were actually quite interesting, so I didn’t mind to much that there was a lack of dinosaurs.

There are still prints for sale, so check them out and maybe you’ll get a nice piece for your home, cubicle, or maybe one to hang on your garage to greet you and fill you  with joy once you get home.

Here are some of my favorites:

by Ming Doyle


Erin Pearce


John Olsen


Lisa Hanawalt


Nate Stapley

John Larriva


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