Mickey Rourke Keeps It Real: “Most Actresses Are C*nts”

November 22, 2011 By Mike B

“I think most actresses are c*nts with a capital K,” Mickey Rourke said in an recent interview. For the record, he said he did admire Freida Pinto’s work in Immortals and the “capital K” thing (since we all know c*nt starts with a “c” is to emphasize the artificiality–like Kraft cheese).

As usual, Rourke was keeping it real and telling it like it is, in the same way Mike Tyson used to keep it real, as well as Marlon Brando. Rourke doesn’t filter his words too much when doing interviews and that’s entertaining and also oddly inspiring. With all the bull celebrities feed that inspire us “normal” folk to put up the same show, it’s nice to have someone like Rourke spit fire every once and awhile.

The rest of the interview was classic Rourke as well. He spoke about his obscurity before he re-ignited his career with the Wrestler: “when you are out of work that long, your whole life changes; it’s humiliating, shameful experience. Hopefully, I can keep my mouth shut because I don’t want to go back to that lonely, dark place. This f*cking town is built on envy. They can’t wait to [raises middle finger] to your ass.”

He also had this to say about his favorite Greek mythology, relating to his role in Immortals: “did you ever see Johnny F*ckHerFaster? It’s a mythology porno about a king named King Cock. I’m kidding. My grandmother used to read me a lot of that stuff to put me to sleep. I have always had insomnia and I loved all the different stories she read.”

Despite keeping it real, Rourke should really tone it down every once in awhile, as he tests the Hollywood beast’s fury with every foul word; however, he shouldn’t silence himself entirely. I just hope he doesn’t party himself out of his career.

Rourke also talked about his new film project that he has written about a gay rugby player named Gareth Thomas: “the regime I am on now is grueling. I just took a year off to write a screenplay about Gareth Thomas, a gay rugby player; I went over to Wales to beg him to let me do it. The writer I hired wrote shit so I rewrote it and now it’s great. We shoot in March, and I think it will be the best movie I’ve ever made. We have been training now for the past five or six months and it’s been physically challenging.”

A film actor/ex-boxer pushing 60 is going to try and play a younger version of a guy that’s 37 years old right now? If it’s Mickey Rourke attempting the feat, I’m in.


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