Robert DeNiro and Luc Besson Making a Gangster Film

May 22, 2012 By Mike B

 So it seems that Robert DeNiro is turning back to the gangster genre and making a film with Luc Besson. DeNiro hasn’t played a gangster in awhile, and it was thought that he’d be getting back into a crime-filled world on-screen with Martin Scorsese, but since that doesn’t look like it’s happening this is the next best thing.

Sometimes it seems like DeNiro only says he’s going to be in a gangster film for the sole purpose of pulling his loyal fans into watching his lesser works. We are cautiously optimistic about this announcement. As far as Luc Besson goes, he’s a hit-or-miss director/writer. The Professional, The Fifth Element and Le Femme Nikita are good films, but Besson has also written/produced some stinkers.

Anyways, the Besson will be adapting  Tonino Benacquista ‘s book BADFELLAS, and the film will be called Malavita. The film will be about a retired gangster trying to start a new life, although he misses the violent life he once had and falls back into it. It’s kind of like DeNiro’s acting career, except he hasn’t completely fallen back into choosing good films/roles just yet.

For those of you out there that know him as just a Focker, DeNiro was once, and occassionally is, a badass mother fu…

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