RoboCop 2013 looks like Batman

September 17, 2012 By Mike B

Directed by José Padilha, and starring the likes of Academy Award nominee Gary Oldman (feels good to say that), Michael Keaton, Samuel L. Jackson, Jackie Earle Haley, and headlined by Joel Kinnaman, the Robocop remake looks very promising.

For those that are old enough, Robocop has always looked a particular way: a bulky, metal, bulldog. There have been a couple of pictures of the new Robocop look, and quite frankly Robocop kind of looks like Batman, but lame. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still highly anticipating this movie, but the shots of Robocop’s new fit, if that really is Robocop’s new look, isn’t very appealing.

Maybe it’s just the shots, and the outfit will look better in the movie, maybe it’s just my nostalgia wanting Robocop to look like the Robocop I know, or maybe it’s just a really bad costume design. No, it doesn’t look as bad as Tim Burton’s abysmal take on Superman’s outfit, so at least it has that going for it.

Check out these pictures released on


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