The Avengers: 2D or 3D?

May 02, 2012 By Mike B

So there’s three ways to watch the Avengers: 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D. Which way should you watch one of the most anticipated movies of the year?

At its best, the 3D gimmick will add depth to the world put on screen, immersing you further into the film experience. At its worst, the 3D gimmick adds nothing to the table, so much so that you don’t even notice the film is in 3D for a vast majority of the run time (all you’ll notice is that gaping hole in your wallet). Example of good 3D? Hugo. Example of bad 3D? Probably every other movie besides Avatar, and maybe Tron.

First of all, the film itself was supposed to be shot with 3D cameras, but we all know now that it was actually converted into 3D in post-production. Although, director Joss Whedon did mention that he was planning for the 3D (Thor and Captain America were also converted to 3D).

The most important thing 3D should add is a depth of field, so that it may immerse you into the scenes. From those that have watched the film already, it seems that most of the film takes place indoors, where the depth of field doesn’t really matter. However, there is that final battle sequence that would benefit from the depth of field 3D brings, along with other smaller action scenes. Is that enough for the pricey ticket of 3D or IMAX 3D?

So ¬†if the 3D benefits mostly just the action sequences, how are the action parts of the film shot? Does Joss Whedon utilize the oh-so popular shaky cam technique?¬†Fortunately, he doesn’t! Whedon keeps the camera still enough that the action can be viewed without feeling nauseous or wanting to punch the director in the face. This means the action in 3D should look amazing.

Verdict: This doesn’t seem like a “must-watch” in 3D or IMAX 3D. I’ll stick with 2D for this one. Although, I wouldn’t blame you for wanting to watch Scarlett Johannson in 3D.

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