The Lion King Rises

January 03, 2012 By Mike B

The audio for the Dark Knight Rises trailer seems to be a match made in heaven for the Lion King trailer. The audio is perfectly synced with the footage from Christopher Nolan’s film, and it’s too amazing to shrug off. Some might even think it’s better than the Dark Knight Rises trailer itself!

Christopher Nolan has reported to have tweaked the audio for the footage of the IMAX prologue, specifically to make Bane’s dialogue more understandable, but who knew he would tweak it to also match perfectly with Scar, Nala, and Simba.  Tom Hardy’s Bane is Scar, Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman is Nala, Michael Caine’s Alfred is Zazu,  and the pack of hyenas amazingly matched the chant of Bane’s minions.

Usually these spoof trailers that are synced aren’t great enough to spend some words on, but the guys at MovieMaestroTen did an excellent job mirroring these two films. The Lion King Rises comes out in Summer 1994, probably in IMAX 3D.

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