The Shining Sequel

October 14, 2011 By Mike B

The sequel to the Shining is being written, as I type, by the legendary Stephen King. For those that read and watched the Shining, and have been keeping track of the sequel rumors, this is definitely exciting news. King is going back to one of his best and scariest stories ever, a story that made audiences think twice before going down a long hallway, staying at a grand hotel or taking a bath.

The novel will be titled Dr. Sleep, and the main character in the story is Danny Torrance, the little guy in the first go-around with the supernatural powers and the “redrum” deal, at the age of 40. This time around, Danny is all grown up and will be working at a hospice where he helps patients transition to death with the help of his “abilities.” This sounds interesting, but then there’s another sub-plot that was added that includes a roving group of vampires called “the Tribe” that suck out psychic energy from people like Danny. Fantastic. More vampires are exactly what we need.

King describes the vampires to be vampires that are sort of pirates. Yuck. Let’s hope King knows what he is doing with that part of the story.


King’s novels and short stories have been made into roughly 130 movies so it’s almost safe to say that The Shining sequel will more than likely get made into a film. When it happens, there will be all the talk about who will take the director’s chair to follow up Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece of atmospheric horror, but that’s way down the road.

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