Twilight Fans Camp Out For Days For Breaking Dawn Part 1

November 11, 2011 By Mike B

A city of tents has formed outside of the Nokia theater in Los Angeles, as die-hard Twilight fans have gathered to line up for the premiere of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1. The film doesn’t premiere for another few days, on November 14.

The ridiculous line was 300 people deep on Thursday, and has probably grown more today. At best the Twilight movies are vampire soap-opera flicks with bad CGI. Even Twilight fans might find this extra-early line-up amusing.

By the time the film premieres, hundreds of shower-less Twi-hards will have sacrificed their time and hygiene for a mediocre movie at best. Oh, and they might (I stress the word might) get a glimpse of the stars. I’ll admit, Robert Pattinson is a talented actor and will probably have a solid career after these Twilight movies, so there’s that. One of the ladies in line is 7 months pregnant, a male fan in his 30s said he didn’t mind that people thought he was crazy, and a man from New Zealand has been there 7 days. Now that’s dedication for you!

I suppose I could relate a very tiny bit because I’ve waited a few hours in line to watch a film or to catch a glimpse of a celebrity, but I’d never dedicate days to doing so. This is a melancholy moment for cinema indeed.

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