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    • Angelina Jolie as Maleficent
    • Review:Maleficent

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      Princess Aurora is cursed to sleep for eternity by an evil fairy named Maleficent, and her only hope lies in "true love's kiss" via prince. We've all...

    • Review:Hugo (2011)

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      Scorsese's latest film is Hugo, a story about an orphan who lives within the walls of a train station, trying to break the mystery about an automaton...

    • Review:King of Comedy, the (1982)

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      What Worked? Amongst the burning light-bulb flashes that fire away at the battle-tested, iconic TV show host, a cartoon-like figure snakes through...

    • Review:Seventh Seal, the (1957)

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      What Worked? Once you watch this film it truly never leaves you. The Seventh Seal is about a disillusioned knight, Antonius Block, who finds Sweden...


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