Bridesmaids (2011)

May 15, 2011 By Mike B
Movie Review

What Worked?

Many are saying that Bridesmaids is a “female version” of the Hangover, but that’s exactly what it’s not; it’s also not a fluffy, formulaic chick flick. Producer Judd Apatow and Director Paul Feig give us is a crude, female-led comedy that is hilarious without seeming to try at all. This is a perfect launching pad for the quirky comedic talents of Kristen Wiig, and a significant mark in the win column for Apatow, as the film is just as good as Knocked Up and Superbad.

Screenwriters Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo tell a story of two life-long best friends named Annie and Lillian, in which Lillian becomes engaged and Annie must act as her maid of honor despite being broke and pathetically single. Pretty standard fair story-wise, but the dialogue and situations Annie and the oddball gang of bridesmaids get into make for a refreshing time at the theaters. The film draws genuine laughs, flaunting biting quips, gross-out gags, charming quirkiness, and flat-out awkward situations. Despite being mostly a comedy, the film also touches upon the theme of growing up. Constantly, the film pokes fun at the rituals of marriage and the concept of it, making for a hilarious trip.

Kristen Wiig has been here and there, but she finally gets the spotlight playing Annie, and she nails it. Wiig, as Annie, is a quirky, caring friend, that is a very relative character as she’s dealing with her “rock bottom” phase of life. Wiig manages to be silly and hilariously self-loathing, but still someone you’d want to hang out with. Whether she’s putting customers in their place at the jewelry store she works at or entering verbal sparring matches with the villainous Helen, Annie is genuinely funny. The rest of the characters are cast perfectly, from Wendi McLendon-Covey playing a miserable mother of three named Rita to Ellie Kemper playing Becca the inexperienced rookie of relationships. Part of what makes the story so comical is Annie’s constant battles with Helen, Lillian’s Barbie-perfect new friend played wonderfully by Rose Byrne, to win Lillian’s attention. Wiig definitely leads the hilarity of the film, but her close second is the character of Megan, played perfectly by Melissa McCarthy. McCarthy, as Megan, is simply a scene-stealer.

Bridesmaids is the comedy to beat this summer, but will probably still reign supreme by summer’s end. Not only is this film a vulgar comedy that works amazingly well, it also has some heart, as we watch Annie grow in a very real way as she deals with inevitable changes in life. Kristin Wiig finally gets her chance to show the world how talented she is, and she doe so almost too well. No matter what she does from here on out, she’ll always have Bridesmaids.

Potential Drawbacks:

Running at a bit over 2 hours long, the film’s length can be slightly felt, but it never really drags in any parts. The ending of the film is somewhat neat, and ends how we expect it to end, but it doesn’t take away from anything the film accomplishes throughout.

Film Recommendations:

Knocked Up
The Good Girl

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