Captain America: the First Avenger (2011)

July 25, 2011 By Mike B
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What Worked?

Finally, the last solo Avenger film is here, and he’s none other than the big red, white, and blue. The little guy with the biggest heart gets a physical makeover to match the strength he has inside in Captain America: the First Avenger. It isn’t the best of the Avengers assembly, but it certainly does a solid job as a hearty appetizer for the Avengers film. Chris Evans is a terrific Steve Rogers, and an amazing Captain America, and Joe Johnston does a credible job with the source material.

The film has a wonderful retro vibe, and a crisp pace. The special effects to make Chris Evans a puny, asthmatic, scrawny stick of a man are very impressive; it looks very natural, as if Evans actually shrunk down to that size, thanks to digital technology. The action scenes are hyper and hard-hitting, showing off Captain America’s superhuman strength, agility and speed without looking too silly. Johnston recreates a World War II atmosphere that’s nostalgic, gritty and stylized, but never feels tacky in any way.

Chris Evans as Steve Rogers/Captain America is right on point. Evans is very believable as the skinny Steve Rogers: the epitome of a good man with a plethora of health problems. As Captain America, Evans is equally as good, becoming a hero right before our eyes. Evans showcases a heroic quality of determination and courage through everything he does in the film; it’s not like he’s playing a hero, he is one. Evans is surrounded by amazing talent, such as Tommy Lee Jones, Hayley Atwell and Hugo Weaving. Tommy Lee Jones, as Colonel Chester Phillips, is a rugged, sarcastic man that is a scene stealer. Hayley Atwell, as Peggy Carter, is the tough-as-nails love interest. Atwell and Evans have great chemistry that you can feel. Finally, Hugo Weaving does a fine job as the Red Skull, despite not having too much to do.

Captain America: the First Avenger is a solid film that contains entertaining performances, and a heartfelt one from Chris Evans. It’s a story about the little guy with a golden heart that is given the chance to evolve into¬† hero. Captain America truly inspires one to “be all that you can be,” as if you were hearing those words for the very first time.

Potential Drawbacks:

The film goes through the formula of a Marvel origins story, and we see most things coming from a mile away. After so many Marvel origins stories, it’s hard to escape that formula, but that doesn’t mean you can’t change it up a bit to avoid monotony.

Hugo Weaving is a tremendous talent, but like other Marvel villains, he feels underused and a bit insignificant. The character should have been fleshed out more(check Loki in Thor)

Although I find it hard to argue with the first half of the film, some may feel that the second half goes does a notch or two in quality. There are some that might not enjoy the Patriotism of it all, but hey, it’s Captain America.


Stick around for a surprise after the credits


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