Fast and Furious 6

June 09, 2013 By Mike B
Movie Review

Fast and Furious 6 Film Review

What Worked?

What else is there to say about a Fast and Furious film? You know what you’re getting: ridiculous action with cheesy one-liners, beautiful people, and fast cars. The only thing that changes is the level of the bar, and for a summer flick, up is the way to go. Vin Diesel is back as Dom Toretto, a race-car crook known to be a bruiser, and he’s back with the rest of the gang from Fast Five. Justin Lin earned another lap around in the director’s chair with Fast and Furious 6, and so far he’s hasn’t run out of gas, or NOS.

The film moves just like it title states, and there are plenty of twist and turns along the way to keep audiences entertained with the characters that they’ve known for over a decade. If there’s anything to definitely appreciate about this film, it’s definitely the stunts, as they take it up a notch once again, making good use of some top of the line vehicles, a tank, and even an airplane on an endless runway. This may be the most entertaining installment in the series so far, and the script has fans cheering for more after the big reveal of the baddie for the next in the series.

There are no actor standouts in the film, as everyone gets their chance to shine. Vin Diesel, as Dom Toretto, is still a charismatic cheeseball badass, and his interaction with Michelle Rodriguez’s Letty is what will get the fans revving. Other than that, the actors play their parts well enough to be entertaining. No one’s winning any acting awards here, but that’s really not the point of the flick.

Fast and Furious 6 is arguably the best in the series so far, despite having even more ridiculous events and action sequences going on. Didn’t Toretto’s team start off by stealing DVD players? They might as well be saving the earth in Fast and Furious 7 from an alien invasion, and guess what? I’ll probably take a seat to get my guilty pleasure fix.

Potential Drawbacks:

If this is the first Fast and Furious film you’re getting yourself into, you may not stomach the action sequences or one-liners very well, unless that’s your cup of tea. There are some hilarious parts in the film, and lots of parts that just don’t really make any sense.

The action gets pretty…over-the-top. From flying headbutts to practically flying in the air and breaking your fall on a fucking car, there’s nothing Dom can’t do. At least the film isn’t doing it on accident. Everyone and their grandmothers know that these films are cheesy, fun summer flicks, so viewer beware for some things that don’t make sense.

Film Recommendations:

Fast Five
The Rundown
Fast and Furious

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