Hunger Games: Catching Fire

November 28, 2013 By Mike B
Movie Review

Hunger Games: Catching Fire Film Review

What Worked?

Although the media depicts the world we live in, it isn’t necessarily our world. Media,violence, and the battle of the haves versus the have nots is covered in the scorching sequel, the Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Jennifer Lawrence is back as the intrepid, and beautiful Katniss, joined by Josh Hutcherson, Woody Harrelson, Donald Sutherland, Liam Hemsworth, and the rest of the cast from the first installment. The Hunger Games continues in this film, and they’re just as deadly as ever, but this time, something much grander is about to break the chain.

Francis Lawrence directs this sequel, and is very much up for the challenge of topping the 2012 hit, the Hunger Games. What this film does very well is make you feel for the cause that is rising, having you cheer for Katniss as she defies the ruling hand with a curtsy and her bow. Not an ounce of the film is wasted, as the film moves at a brisk pace without sacrificing character development or rich storytelling. The film also improves on the action scenes from the last film, rightfully ditching the shaky-cam. The bar has been raised,and Katniss becomes something more than just a victor.

This film belongs to ¬†Academy Award-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence. She hasn’t lost her bravado, as she carries the movie with ease with a mix of brashness and beauty. Katniss becomes a symbol of hope in this film, and Lawrence portrays Katniss as one of the most admirable, strong-willed female characters in cinema. Her heart gushes for her people, and she proves to be a natural leader that inspires by action. The rest of the cast hit their notes well, and the addition of Philip Seymour Hoffman just elevates the talent.

The Hunger Games film series is growing to be something grand, and this sequel builds on the theme of fighting for what’s right regardless of what big brother says. At the core, it’s a film that shows us that our lives are much more than what media gods project upon us, as Katniss becomes a symbolic axe to break the chains.

Potential Drawbacks:

There’s not too many obvious gripes about this film if you’ve already come to terms with them in the first installment. There may still be people out there that can’t overlook why the cream of the crop would want to grab children and throw them in a creative war zone to kill each other. In addition, why would the head honcho give Katniss an opportunity to rebel? The questions go on, but they’re fairly easy to overlook.

In addition , it’s not a stand alone film (obviously), so no one should jump right into this film without watching the first. There’s also a love triangle that’s been developing since the last film, and although it’s not as bad as Twilight, it still has the ability to bug some out there.

Film Recommendations:

the Hunger Games

Battle Royale

Silver Linings Playbook


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