Immortals (2011)

November 15, 2011 By Mike B
Movie Review

What Worked?

Fantasy is the genre of the decade and here we are with another one called Immortals,  starring the new Superman, Henry Cavill. Immortals tells the story of  power hungry King Hyperion, bent on destroying humanity once he gets his hands on the legendary Epirus bow, and Theseus, a man chosen by the gods to stop Hyperion.

Tarsem Singh, the visual genius of the Cell and the Fall, directs this myth-based film with breathtaking visuals that are unworldly. Singh has always had a way with weaving his intricate imagination onto celluloid, earning comparisons to the likes of Tim Burton and Terry Gilliam. The film is twisted in a blazing gold and bronze tint, the cinematography is barbarically artistic and the outrageous costumes are simply wild. Immortals is like foreign eye-candy.  In addition, the action is unchained and brutal at times, mixed in with moments of bloody grace, such as Are’s intervention.

Henry Cavill, playing Theseus, is chiseled and charged in the performance, proving that he can display heroic qualities, giving  us hope for when he dawns the red cape. Although the script doesn’t allow Theseus much depth, Cavill does a solid job of running in the shoes of the chosen one. The actor has a boldness in him that is evident in every war-cry and piercing, deadly look he gives with every swing of a sword or thrust of his spear. On the other end is the standout of the film: Mickey Rourke, playing the big bad King Hyperion. Rourke is devilishly good in the role, and is clearly having some fun. Rourke, as Hyperion, with his low grizzly voice and his baddest man in Greece swagger is a treat to watch.

Immortals is a bloody, beautiful mess of Greek mythology that captivates the audience with its feverishly stunning cinematography more than anything else. It doesn’t anger the cinema gods, but then again, it doesn’t fully impress them.

Potential Drawbacks:

There are no surprises as to what happens overall in the story, and there’s just not enough character development for the audience to truly connect with any of the characters. It’s an action movie, and it does it’s job in that department, but the best action movies provide a true drive for every fist, leg, blade or bullet.

The story overall is bland and uninteresting, not matching the visual fireworks displayed at all. Plain and simple, the storytelling was flat and boring.  Some characters, like Phaedra and Stavros, aren’t given enough weight in the story either.

Many will come out admiring the visuals and action, but after that fades there’s nothing left.



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