Knight and Day (2010)

August 15, 2011 By Mike B
Movie Review

What Worked?

For a formulaic Action/Comedy popcorn flick, Knight and Day is pretty and quick enough to attract  the masses with its star power alone. James Mangold makes a film that slightly pokes fun at the spy-thriller, with his comedic protagonists, and the film works on a day that you’re bored. Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz are quite funny in this flick, and they keep the film from completely being a waste of time.

What the film has going for it throughout is the ability to entertain, somewhat, even without having an engaging plot. The fight scenes, choreographed by the great Robert Alonzo, are a great mix of a dancing brutality and comedic flare. The way the fight scenes are shot are also satisfactory, mostly because the camera is kept relatively steady, especially compared to every other action scene that utilizes the “Jason Bourne” shaky cam.

Cameron Diaz plays June Havens, a girl trying to get to a wedding that happens to run into a secret agent on an airplane that she shouldn’t have been on. Tom Cruise plays that secret agent, named Roy Miller. Cruise, as Roy, is a dangerous and quirky man, protecting a super-battery that never runs out of energy. Both Diaz and Cruise give solid comedic performances, and have decent chemistry.

Overall, Knight and Day is a decent film at best. Fans of Diaz and Cruise will probably enjoy the film more than others, as they seem to be having a good time.

Potential Drawbacks:

The plot is hard to get into, as the film never really pulls in the audience to care about anything at all. It’s a formulaic film, and you can feel it. Peter Sarsgaard, playing the villain, is an empty role, along with Paul Dano.

Truthfully, it starts off as a fun ride for about the first 20 minutes, and after the 20th time the film uses the “drugged” transition to propel the film, I just stopped caring.

Film Recommendations:

Mr. and Mrs. Smith
The Rundown


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