Social Network, The (2010)

February 22, 2011 By Mike B
Movie Review

What Worked?

Mark Zuckerberg is a douche bag, in most circles, and the Social Network doesn’t try to romanticize that universal truth in any way. Director David Fincher executes the project with a full-force, committed punch. No love taps here. Bravo for that; but wait, there’s more. Fincher manages to make a wholly engaging film about the birth of Facebook, a story that doesn’t seem too enticing to a mainstream audience addicted to blood, boobs and CGI.

Jesse Eisenberg, as super geek Zuckerberg, is coldly sarcastic, and unleashes verbal knives that cut deep and twist to make a lasting impact; however, you still feel for him a bit. Andrew Garfield, as Eduardo, gives a performance that feels completely honest, inserting the audience into a relative position. The dialogue and delivery of both are flawless, not to mention they’re surrounded by solid performances. The relationship between Eduardo and Mark is easy to relate to, and enhances the story, making Mark feel well-rounded and not just a cold, heartless nerd-bot.

Fincher utilizes his usual flourishes in appropriate fashion, heightening the drama with effective camera work, especially slow motions and clever transitions, but he never makes the gift wrap a mere distraction to the story.

The Social Network is, in a way, a reflection of what we are and what the “American Dream” has become to us. Overall, the film shows us the lonely road to success, and honestly reflects our plugged in society, causing us to possibly pick up a book after the house lights come on, that is, until our curiosity of status updates plugs us back into the norm.

Potential Drawbacks:

Some might be put off by the dialogue being spurted out like Manny Pacquiao’s punch combos.  Audiences do not necessarily follow the film, but are dragged by it until they’re able to keep up with the verbal pace. Fincher does a great job at not confusing most of the audience, but the dialogue is mercilessly denied dilution to something more digestible, and that’s something I admire. If you don’t like heavy dialogue, this film might not be a good choice, as the dialogue pumps the heart of this flick. Obviously, if you don’t have a Facebook or know nothing about Facebook, then you’ve probably been held prisoner in a serial killer’s basement for the past decade or you may be a serial killer yourself. Other than that, there’s really nothing else that could be a significant hindrance to the film.

Film Recommendations:

Boiler Room
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Lord of War

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