You’re Next (2013)

August 22, 2013 By Mike B
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You’re Next Film Review

What Worked?

The only thing left to do with the Slasher genre is to bend it, and re-shape it to become something fun and new; similar to turning those leftovers of the same old food into something else altogether! You’re Next does exactly that. It gives us a quite relative look into a dysfunctional family, throws a bit of Funny Games into the mix, and adds a little game-changer to top it off. Director Adam Wingard concocts something refreshing in the Slasher genre that you’ll have to see for yourself. This review will wait here…go ahead.

Director Adam Wingard delivers the goods with this film that’s a pitch black horror comedy all the way through. Wingard balances the horror and comedy very well, and takes the audience on some twists and turns on the way to the finish line that keep the story engaging. Screenwriter Simon Barrett hasn’t written a masterpiece, as he does borrow elements from other horror films, but he does present a story that’s worth the price of admission. Barrett mixes family values, relationships, gore, dark humor, and creepiness into one hell of an entertaining script.

We haven’t seen a legitimate badass female character onscreen for minute, and by minute I mean years, but Sharni Vinson as the ever-capable Erin quenches our thirst. Vinson is definitely the main attraction of the film, as her character of Erin is sweet and likable, while also personifying the phrase “Only the strong survive.” Or is she more of the “Only the smart survive” character? I’ll go ahead and give both to her. The rest of the cast do an awesome job in their roles, with a second standout in Joe Swanberg, but the show belongs to Vinson.

This film is quite a dose of dark comedy at its core, helping the audience see how dysfunctional we’re able to be. Again, violence plays a significant role here, as it becomes the answer to the problem, which creates more problems; the big bloody snowball effect. This is Home Alone for adults, and it’s sickeningly entertaining.

Potential Drawbacks:

Well, if you’re not in to genre mixing, this may not be the film to see. It’s definitely not a straight up slasher flick. It may be offensive to people that aren’t use to dark comedy either. The jokes go for the throat with a sharp blade every single time.

This film is definitely not for everyone, and I’m sure that it was meant to be that way, and that has a lot to do with the violence that comes along with the dark comedy. It’s a bloody film that never lets up on its viewers.

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