Blu-Ray Weekly Deals

When we find Blu-Ray sales for quality films, we’ll post them here for your convenience. If you find any considerable deals for Blu-Rays/DVDs send us an e-mail ( and we’ll post it as quickly as we can. Please include the link, price and expiration date of the deal.

Our addiction to films can burn some holes in our pockets, so being frugal with our money is always a plus. Many of us can’t control our urge to buy films; therefore, we might as well fish for the best deals out there.

Deals Last Updated: April 22, 2012

Enemy of the State $7.99

Wanted $8.00

Ronin $7.99

Man on Fire $9.99

Van Helsing $9.99

Kill Bill Volume 2 $9.99

Inception $8.00

Shawshank Redemption $8.00

Clerks $5.96

City of God $7.88

The Thing $7.88

Forgetting Sarah Marshall $4.99

Menace II Society $7.99


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