Jackie Chan’s Last Action Film?

May 19, 2012 By Mike B

Jackie Chan has been making action films for decades, and he’s finally calling it quits in the action genre at the age of 58. However, before he takes his final bow, he has one last action film up his sleeve and it looks pretty solid.

(one of my favorite action scenes: Wheels on Meals- Benny the Jet vs. Jackie Chan)

Chan is definitely in the top 5 (probably top 3) list of greatest martial arts entertainers/actors of all time. He’s like a combination of Bruce Lee, Buster Keaton, and then some. There will never be another Jackie Chan. His may not have had badass roles, as he always usually plays a nice guy, ┬ábut his stunts were amazing and the comedy worked (for the most part). This kind of makes it sound like his dead, but he actually does have some acting chops, so he’s probably not going anywhere after his done with action films. He may even come out of retirement from the action genre from time to time (I wish he was in the Expendables 2).

Anyways, the film is called Chinese Zodiac, and Chan’s been working on it for the past 7 years. He plays a thief looking for…well, here’s the trailer:

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