Jurassic Park Will Be Re-released in 3D

March 16, 2012 By Mike B

Steven Spielberg has given the green light for the Jurassic Park 3D conversion re-release. Before you go on and think “first the Toy Story films, then Lion King, then Titanic and now this? What other old school film are they going to ruin?” Spielberg supposedly has good reason to do it (and of course there’s the money. Okay, it might just be the money).

Since Avatar, 3D hasn’t really been done right. It wasn’t done completely right with Avatar. Usually, the story takes a back seat to the 3D gimmick, but there are films out there that have utilized 3D well, like Martin Scorsese’s Hugo. Spielgberg has never been one to want to digitally alter his films, but he gave in with Jurassic Park. There’s something magical about re-watching older films on the big screen again, it’s almost like time travel. Yeah, the 3D may get in the way, but it’s better than not having the opportunity to watch a film you loved on the big screen once again.

However, there will be a small portion of theaters that will play the film in regular 2D. How awesome is that? Jurassic Park just the way you remembered it in 1993.

The film will hit theaters July 19, 2013.

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