Richard Linklater’s Before Midnight Picked Up By Sony Classic Pictures

January 29, 2013 By Mike B

Two of my favorite romantic films are Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. If you’ve watched the films you’ll know that they are some of the most genuine portrayals of romance, love and life in general. Richard Linklater wrote some passionate screenplays and birthed characters that are just simply amazing that you can’t help but fall for them falling for each other. Okay, so enough gushing over those first two films; they’re great, and if you know it then good for you, but if you don’t t then go watch them.

On to the news: if you didn’t know already, Richard Linklater filmed another sequel called Before Midnight. Sony Classic Pictures picked up the film at Sundance recently, and word of mouth from Sundance is that the film is amazing. Not good, not great, but amazing. Many of us are looking forward to revisiting the characters of Jesse and Celine, because their relationship encompasses the relationship that you keep going back to. They’re taking it full circle to the final stages of attraction and relationships, and I can’t wait to watch the film.

Before Sunrise Before Sunset

Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, Before Midnight

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