Simon Pegg plays hitman in Kill Me Three Times

November 09, 2013 By Mike B

Simon Pegg is one of the best comedians out there today, and with his roles in films like the World’s End  and Star Trek: into the Darkness, he’s expected to be the comic relief. He does show his acting chops in his comedic roles, and in those moments many fans probably wonder what he’d be like in a non-comedic role.

Pegg passed up on the role of Rorschach in the Watchmen, and the role eventually ended up in the very capable hands of Jackie Earle Haley. Since then, fans have been craving for Pegg to venture off into new territory. Well, here it is. The goofiness takes a back seat for once, and although we love his comic timing, it will be refreshing for Pegg to take on a badass role. Yes, I know, Shaun was a badass in his own right, but he wasn’t this kind of badass:

Simon Pegg as Hitman

Simon Pegg in Kill Me Three Times

The film has a Rashomon-like story, in which it takes on three perspectives. Kriv Stenders is the man quarterbacking the film, and he’s known for such gems as Red Dog  and Boxing Day. I just hope his role is a meaty one. Long live the Peggster.

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