The Dark Knight Rises 13 Minute Featurette

July 09, 2012 By Mike B

The countdown for the Dark Knight Rises is a little over a week away, and it shall be the longest week and a half for many film freaks. Luckily, a 13 minute the Dark Knight Rises featurette has been released for your viewing pleasure. It’s pretty much just a big tease to keep Batman addicts at bay until the pure stuff comes out.

Just like with every other big comic-book film, if you put all the trailers, TV spots, and featurettes together then you’ve probably watched half of the movie. I like to try to avoid all the little trailers and what not, but they’re practically thrown at me so I can’t dodge all of the advertising.

So, for the people out there that want to preserve every bit of the film until you see it as a whole: DO NOT WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW!

Treat it as an emergency only type of deal. So if you wake up in the middle of the night fiending for some Batman, watch the featurette. If you watch it 12 times, it will be like you’ve watched the movie!


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