22 Jump Street

June 15, 2014 By Mike B
Movie Review

22 Jump Street Film Review

What Worked?

If 22 Jump Street could be described in two words it would be perfectly fitting to say that it’s “something cool.” Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are back as Schmidt and Jenko; however, this time they’re wreaking havoc in college. Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are back in the directors chairs to give us a sequel that’s bigger, louder, and funnier than it’s predecessor.

What really sets this flick apart from the first installment is the self-referential humor. It pokes fun at sequels in general, and it even has the stars take jabs at themselves. The bromance is also in full effect, as it was in the first go-around, but this time there’s trouble in paradise for Schmidt and Jenko’s “partnership.” There are some ab-sculpting laugh-out-loud scenes throughout, and steady humor that keeps the film fun.

Hill and Tatum have fantastic chemistry, and they haven’t lost a step in this sequel. Their classic nerd-jock pairing is golden, and none of it feels forced. They’re both clearly having fun, and taking us along for the ride. Schmidt reverts back to his loner days, and Hill knocks it out the park with his awkward delivery. For example, when he’s sarcastically telling a girl how much he enjoys being alone in his room, it’s the hilarious truth delivered in a way that only Hill can pull off. Tatum brings his comedic A-game as well, playing the dumb jock role to perfection. Together they make “friction” that works wonders.

The scene-stealer in this flick is the one and only Ice Cube. All I can say is “check yo self before you wreck yo self.” Jillian Bell, from Workaholics,  as Mercedes is also funny as hell, especially when she wrongly perceives sexual tension. Is Bell vs. Hill the best fight scene in a comedy movie this year? It’s at the top so far.

If you’re looking to kick back with a sure-fire summer comedy, 22 Jump Street is the movie that you’re looking for. It’s WhyPhy in film form.

Potential Drawbacks:

It does what it’s supposed to do, but it doesn’t raise the bar or even attempt to do anything like that. Just to be nit-picky, the film didn’t have any character development either. Not. One. Bit.  Sure, it’s a comedy, but a little character development would have made it better. 

At the end, does the film really go anywhere or do anything? No, not really. It tastes good, but doesn’t have any nutritional value. Oh, well, it’s still fun to watch, so bring on the next one!

Film Recommendations:

21 Jump Street



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