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May 13, 2014 By Mike B
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Neighbors Film Review

What Worked?

In Nicholas Stoller’s Neighbors, frat boys move in next door to fresh parents, and chaos ensues. Once that first baby pops out, the life of aiming to misbehave is flushed down the toilet. For Mac and Kelly Radner, the frat boys give them an adventure they never asked for. Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne star as the Radners, and Zac Efron and Dave Franco take on the roles of the head frat bros.

This film has a brisk pace, with little cinematic fat, so the jokes keep on coming. Family vs. Frat. The concept is simple, Stoller sticks to it, and it works. The humor is definitely bawdy, in-your-face, and at time disgusting, but most of the jokes hit their targets. Looking past all the toilet humor, there is an underlying bromance story, as well as somewhat of a coming-of-age tale. However, the film never has an identity crisis, as it’s well aware that its a comedy all the way. There are also reminders of lifelong lessons throughout the flick, such as “bros before hoes,” or dildo sales being a very lucrative business venture.

The entire cast is pretty hilarious in their respective roles, and they’re all game for a good time in a war of adults and college kids. Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne are the Radners, and they shine the most when they attempt to make connections with the young guns. Mac Radner, Rogen, and Teddy, played by Zac Efron, are entertaining rivals in the film. It’s like Micheal Keaton as Batman vs. Christian Bale as Batman.

Although Neighbors is just another addition to the toilet humor comedies of this generation, it’s still worth a watch because it surprisingly does have more going for it then alcohol-laced breast milk. At it’s core, it’s about growing up, as well as being grown up; the relation is that both sides dread having to make a choice.

Potential Drawbacks:

In being ridiculous, and gross, it plays it safe. There’s nothing different done in this genre, making it a solid film at best. The film could have played up the coming-of-age layer a bit more, such as was done in films like Superbad or even Step Brothers, but it eases up on those moments. It does what it came to do, and nothing more.

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