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July 17, 2013 By Mike B
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Man of Steel San Diego Film Review

What Worked?

Superman is an arguably prophetic superhero that stands out because he’s the clean-cut, do-good man that we all aspire to be. When you think of Superman, you think of what the right thing to do is. Zack Snyder resurrects the man with the S on his chest with Man of Steel, starring Henry Cavill in the lead role. Cavill is joined by a wonderfully talented cast, including Russell Crowe, Amy Adams, and Michael Shannon.

Taking on a Superman film is a task that might just be as hard as Superman’s daily task is of keeping the world safe. Snyder is up for the challenge with this origin story of the boy scout in blue. He ┬ádelivers the goods in the action department, a factor that was sorely lacking in the last installment: Superman Returns. Superman is something he’s never truly been before while battling his villains: a badass wrecking machine. The script also goes into more depth with Jor-El, Kal-El’s father, and their planet. Comic fans rejoice, as there’s plenty of screen time for Jor-El in action. Snyder utilizes

Henry Cavill does a truly wonderful job in the title role, discovering himself and becoming a superhero while being handsomely brooding. His voice sounds familiar while being distinctive from other Superman actors; in short, he sounds like Superman should in my mind, which is a confident leader that’s honest with every word he releases. Cavill portrays the loneliness of Superman rather well, as he channels it through a lost look ┬áthat you can feel. When he’s in the cape, and revamped costume, Cavill look like he can take on the world.

Michael Shannon does a fine job as General Zod, and comes off as a man out of a Greek tragedy. He’s a warrior at heart, and is a product of betrayal. Shannon looks psychotic, but he has a loyalty to his race that oozes out of him. Shannon plays off Superman very well, and is truly a well-rounded villain. Crowe, as Jor-El, does a fine job as the guide in Clark Kent’s life, and the rest of the cast fill in the roles suitably well.

This Superman film packs one hell of a blockbuster bang for the summer; probably one of the biggest. Cavill makes an excellent Superman, and it seems like he’ll do just fine as Clark Kent. It’s certainly not a perfect film, but I’m definitely going to see what Snyder and company can do next. Man of Steel isn’t quite super, but it’s still fly.

Potential Drawbacks:

Many believe that this film is full-up on the action sequences, leaving little to no time for laughs, love stories, or wonder. There’s plenty of spectacle and action, but with more concentration on the wonders of Superman’s powers or even more character development to get inside his withdrawn look, there would’ve been more to hold on to.

The dialogue came off as cheesy at times, and the script felt a bit uneven, as it ends with Superman showing up as Clark Kent for the first time. It might have been a nice touch to some, but to others it might have felt a bit odd. Having Clark Kent in the film throughout, or even his development of the character, might have added more to the film.

Film Recommendations:


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