Dumb and Dumber Sequel Not Completely Dead Yet!

August 09, 2012 By Mike B

Dumb and Dumber To was still in fully effect not very long ago, and then Jim Carrey decided he wanted to pull out of what seemed to be a guaranteed hit that many of us have been waiting too long for. Well, there’s a small ray of light that gives us hope that there may still  be a Dumb and Dumber sequel in store for us.

In an interview for HBO’s the Newsroom, Jeff Daniels explained that the Dumb and Dumber sequel isn’t quite a complete bust yet. Here’s what Mr. Daniels had to say:

“Jim wants to do it. I want to do it. The Farrellys want to do it. They want to rewrite the script a little bit and they aren’t trying to jam it in before I have to go back and do NEWSROOM in November. So they’re going, ‘Why don’t we just do it right? Let’s get everybody organized to go next May or June.’ If everything works out on the business side, that’s what we’ll do but I think there’s more hope than ever.”

Daniels was frustrated with the studio along with Carrey, but it seems that the Farrelly brothers and company want to smooth things out and reset the catapult for success! There’s definitely a chance that Dumb and Dumber To will happen, even if it’s one in a million. It’s all up to Carrey now.

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