Prometheus Infomercial Showing Michael Fassbender as David

April 18, 2012 By Mike B

There’s a viral clip for Prometheus out advertising David, the android full of emotions, played by Michael Fassbender. This is an infomercial-style spot for an android that can perfectly fit your needs. If all of them look like Michael Fassbender, I’m pretty sure the ladies would jump on them, literally.

The infomercial-style spot is creepy and awesome at the same time. David the android understands human emotions, and cries too, all while being creepy. Are there androids that look like Noomi Rapace for the gentlemen? That would only be fair. Anyways, Prometheus hits theaters on June 8th, and it will probably kick all kinds of ass. So far, Prometheus is winning the advertising game in the Mexican stand-off between the 3 potential movie juggernauts of the summer.

Random though: In about 100 years, maybe they’ll upgrade the hologram 2pac at Coachella to an android.

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