The Amazing Spider Man Trailer 2

February 07, 2012 By Mike B

Sony Pictures is going to attach a new 3D trailer for the Amazing Spider Man to the 3D release of Star Wars Episode 1, and needless to say it will be the best thing about seeing Star Wars Episode 1. Right now, there’s a 2D trailer up for those of use without special invites to see the 3D trailer.

Many have been saying that the new Spider Man movie is unnecessary, as we already know the origin story and the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man trilogy was wrapped up not too long ago in 2007. Well, actually, the first Spider Man film, which tells his origin story, was released in 2002, so it’s been about a decade since that story has been told. This new film, starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, looks a lot less cartoonish, and it really does look interesting.

Garfield is a fine actor,  Stone is playing Gwen Stacy, and Director Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer) is an interesting choice to be quarterbacking the whole project. Yes, the whole “untold story” tagline is lame, but everything else looks fantastic.

What’s new? It seems that we might get a bit of a back story on Peter Parker’s deceased parents, Gwen Stacy is the love interest, we’ll see more of Peter Parker’s scientific genius (he makes the webslingers this time), and Peter Parker has a hand in creating the villain.

Check out the trailer…

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