Topher Grace Re-Edits Star Wars I-III into One Film

March 09, 2012 By Mike B

The Stars Wars trilogy I-III is obviously the weaker three films of the Star Wars film series. Topher Grace, of that 70s Show, clearly agrees, as he edited all three films into one. Grace did this as a personal project to refine his editing skills, and from word of mouth from the select few that got to see it, it’s pretty awesome.

First of all, there is almost no Episode I in it besides the Darth Maul battle with Obi Wan and Qui Gon Jin (which is obviously the only watchable part of Episode I). Grace sticks that in as the opening of the film! Also, Graces’ re-edited film is only 85 minutes in length; compare that to the 7 hours of film that makes up the trilogy. He also manages to deepen the characters through the editing.

“Whats most shocking is that with only 85 minutes of footage, Topher was able to completely tell the main narrative of Anakin Skywalker’s road from Jedi to the Sith. While I know the missing pieces and could even fill in the blanks in my head as the film raced past, none of those points were really needed. Whats better is that the character motivations are even more clear and identifiable,” Peter Sciretta of Slash Film stated.

Great! When do we get to see this film? Never. This was only screened for Grace’s select friends, and will probably never reach the public. Of course, we can all blow up Topher Grace’s twitter page. Film geeks unite!

Here’s a 20 minute video of some film critics that got a chance to watch the film:



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